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Bonus vir semper tiro - a good man remains a beginner.  


The romans already knew that and we know it today. Life is a neverending process of learning, understanding and implementation. Even firms follow the lifecycle of founding, growth and maturity.

Our consulting expertise is exceptional in areas of Market Access, Market Development and Industry Environment Analysis. As an internationally operating company, our specialties are cross boarder consulting, Market Access and Development for Asia and Europe, especially Vietnam and German-speaking countries.

With special expertise in fields of Energy, Health and Technology, Consessor is a great business partner.

Thanks to our longstanding experience we are also in great demand as a mentor for Start-Ups.

We accompany firms in the states of founding, growth and internationalization in their mature state. With expertise in advising internationally acting companies from various industries, we are asking for aims instead of plans and provide our clients with the specific necessary steps to expand, digitalize and implement strategies. 

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