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Philipp Rösler Embracing Investment Opportunities in Vietnam

Philipp Rösler Embracing Investment Opportunities in Vietnam

A New Era of Investment with Vietnam

Baiba Hoeft

17 Jan 2024

A New Era of Investment with Vietnam

Philipp Rösler saw the arrival of Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh in Davos as a watershed event. As Vietnam's Honorary Consul in Switzerland, Dr Rösler's reception of the Prime Minister highlighted Vietnam's position in ASEAN's sustainable investment.


Photo: Prime Minister of Vietnam H.E. Mr. Pham Minh Chinh, Photo by VGP-Nhat Bac

The high-profile conversation, "Vietnam - Destination Leading ASEAN in Sustainable Investment," held during the World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos 2024, was more than just a dialogue; it represented Vietnam's resolve to becoming a beacon of sustainable development. The event was co-organized by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Permanent Mission of Vietnam in Geneva, the Young Global Business Leaders Organisation (YPO), and the VinaCapital Foundation, and it was attended by Vietnamese politicians as well as foreign business leaders.


Mr. Pascal Gerken, YPO's Honorary Chairman, provided the groundwork for the debate by highlighting the organization's extensive network, which exemplifies leadership that benefits communities and businesses globally. Mr Don Lam, General Director of VinaCapital Group, presented an optimistic economic brief for Vietnam, predicting a phenomenal GDP growth of 5.05% in 2023, as well as the country's potential to attract high levels of foreign direct investment (FDI) while keeping inflation under control.


Photo: Philipp Rösler, investors and YPO representatives_ Photo by VGP-Nhat Bac

Dr Rösler coordinated the workshop and created a debate that went beyond standard investing discussions. The session reinforced Consessor AG's conviction in open, honest, and productive dialogue that leads to significant investment prospects and international cooperation.


The discussion covered the complexities of Vietnam's import-export restrictions, investment opportunities, infrastructure development, and innovation. Notably, Baracoda Group's CEO, Mr Thomas Serva, recognised Vietnam's potential and expressed a willingness to contribute to the country's emerging areas, including artificial intelligence.


Prime Minister Chinh's articulation of Vietnam's lessons and strategies was consistent with Consessor AG's ideas. The Prime Minister's emphasis on a sustainable, culturally rich development path that does not jeopardise social justice or environmental integrity is consistent with Consessor AG's spirit of responsible investing.


Photo: Leaders of ministries and branches speak at the Forum - Photo-VGP-Nhat Bac

Vietnam's concentration on a socialist democracy, a socialist rule-of-law state, and a socialist-oriented market economy highlighted the country's distinct developmental path. Prime Minister Chinh's view of Vietnam's foreign policy — autonomous, self-sufficient, and integrative — was especially appealing to Consessor AG, emphasising the country's readiness for deep economic integration.


The Vietnamese government's resolve to maintain macroeconomic stability even during difficult times demonstrated its commitment to long-term growth. The Prime Minister's promise that Vietnam cherishes cooperative arrangements and investors' legal rights emphasised the country's credibility as an investment destination.


Dr Rösler sees Vietnam as a strategic partner poised for a revolutionary period of sustainable prosperity. He believes that the Davos conversations, led by Vietnamese officials, have sown the seeds of long-term, beneficial collaboration.


Consessor AG is excited to be a part of Vietnam's ambitious mission to become a developed nation by 2045, as its doors are open to innovation, technology, and sustainable practices.


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Photo: Prime Minister and delegates_Photo by VGP-Nhat Bac

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