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Strategic Partnership
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In an online dialogue with VGP, former German Vice Chancellor with Vietnamese roots, Dr. Philipp Rösler, casts 2024 as a watershed moment for Vietnam's economy. This anticipation is set against the backdrop of Vietnam stepping into the Lunar New Year, ready to leverage its burgeoning stature on the international stage through strategic diplomatic engagements and partnerships. Notably, the establishment of a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with the U.S., marked by President Joe Biden's state visit, alongside significant diplomatic interactions with global leaders from China and Germany, underscores an era teeming with prospects for foreign direct investment and trade.


Dr. Rösler commends Vietnam for its strategic diplomacy, maintaining solid relationships with key international players, including China, the U.S., and the European Union. This strategic acumen, fused with a highly skilled, English-fluent, and diligent workforce, positions Vietnam as a robust independent entity within the global economic arena. The government's staunch support for the business sector, manifested in its active engagement with the World Economic Forum, reinforces Vietnam's commitment to nurturing an environment conducive to foreign investment and commerce.


The dialogue further illuminates Vietnam's strides in education and technology, particularly through the establishment of a center for the fourth industrial revolution in Ho Chi Minh City. This initiative, aimed at fostering innovation and digitalization across various domains, is poised to refine Vietnam's economic framework and propel societal advancement.

Copy of Royalty high quality free stock image aerial view of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Be
HCMC Financial Center

Dr. Rösler also shared his personal commitment to Vietnam's development, revealing his role in the establishment of a financial center in Ho Chi Minh City. This project aims to attract significant investment and offer Vietnamese enterprises, from SMEs to larger corporations, enhanced access to global financial markets. His involvement with prominent Vietnamese enterprises and investment firms further underscores his dedication to advancing Vietnam's economic prospects and supporting its community.

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Tasked by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh with assisting in the establishment of a financial center in Ho Chi Minh City. This project is designed to attract investments from banks and provide Vietnamese companies, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as larger corporations, with better access to global financial markets.


Additionally, Dr. Rosler highlights his role as a member of the Loc Troi Group's Board of Directors and Chairman of the Advisory Board of VinaCapital Ventures. Through these positions, he emphasizes his dedication to contributing to Vietnam, its economy, and the welfare of its people. His involvement in these capacities reflects a broader commitment to leveraging his expertise and networks to support Vietnam's economic development, enhance its position in the global financial landscape, and foster innovation within the Vietnamese business community.


Furthermore, Dr. Rosler touches on the importance of education and training in Vietnam, suggesting that efforts should be made to not only attract educated individuals to the country but also to optimally educate the people within Vietnam. This approach aims to equip the Vietnamese population with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to and benefit from the country's growth and development.


Lastly, his message on the cultural significance of Tet, the Lunar New Year, extends beyond economic commitments, emphasizing unity and the collective spirit of the Vietnamese people. This underscores his holistic view of development, which includes fostering a sense of community and shared success among Vietnamese both in Vietnam and abroad.

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