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Visit to by Bits & Pretzels

Visit to by Bits & Pretzels

Successful Visit to A Hub of Innovation and Collaboration


6 Jun 2024

Successful Visit to A Hub of Innovation and Collaboration

Our team recently had the fantastic opportunity to visit in Munich, an innovation hub in the healthcare industry. The experience was both productive and inspiring, filled with engaging conversations and insightful discussions that could shape the future of healthcare.

During our visit, we enjoyed meeting with many startup founders, industry leaders, and key stakeholders. These interactions were invaluable, providing a chance to exchange ideas, explore new technologies, and discuss strategies for tackling challenges navigating the German and Swiss healthcare systems.

The energy and enthusiasm we encountered were truly inspiring, and it was clear that everyone shared a commitment to driving positive change and find new solutions for patients.

One of the highlights of our visit was the panel discussion on "Health Innovations and Sustainable Futures: Leveraging Global Insights." This fascinating session was moderated by Sandra Baumgartner from Sky Deutschland.

We spent a good amount of time talking with startup founders. These dedicated entrepreneurs shared their projects and innovative solutions for transforming healthcare.

These conversations highlighted the importance of supporting and nurturing startups to encourage ongoing innovation in the industry.

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